Pentagon 2000SQL Training

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Need custom add-on's or and application? We specialize in helping business by creating applications that they need.

MU/PQRS/PCMH Reporting

Need custom reports? We use multiple tools such as Crystal, Excel or a Custom Reporting Application to provider our clients with the best solutions possible!

Web Applications

Need an application that will work on any platform? Witht he latest and HTML5 technology, we can provide you just that!

Centricity CPS Support

Need help with GE Centricity Products? We specialize in supporting EMR and CPS. We can also build custom add-on's and interfaces that can help make workflow better for your business.


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We at Aphoenix aims to provide the best custom solutions to help improve workflow and productivity for your business. We work with you to understand your needs and how we can help. With over 15 years of IT and IS experience, and 15 years of combined experience in the Aerospace and Healthcare Industries, we understand how many current IT solutions can lack user friendliness and quality that slows down everyone instead of helping. This is why we listen to you! And using our experience and feedback we received from our clients, we then build custom solutions to meet their needs! And it doesn't end there, we are always here for our clients for support or any further solutions they may need in the future.